Quebec Car Insurance Basics

Drivers in Quebec are covered under a public and private system of car insurance. The public system provides coverage for bodily injury claims, and the private system focuses on property damage claims only.

Bodily injury claims are subject to a pure no-fault system. An injured person does not have the right to sue to collect damages for pain and suffering or economic loss following a car accident.

All Quebec residents are automatically insured under this insurance plan. It is funded from the fees paid for driver’s licenses and car registrations. The plan covers residents for injuries sustained in the province, in the rest of Canada and internationally.

An accident victim who was working at the time the incident occurred is entitled to tax-free income replacement benefits. A person who was unemployed when the accident occurred can get income support as of the 181st day following the accident. People who are full-time caregivers for children under 16 or an invalid are also entitled to benefits.

The injured person can file a claim for injuries up to three years following the date of the accident. The plan can provide compensation for the following:

Death of spouse or dependent

Loss of income or employment insurance benefits

Inability to care for a dependent

Loss of academic term or school year

Expenses, such as ambulance, clothing, eyeglasses, personal assistance

Rehabilitation expenses

Pain and suffering/diminished quality of life