Quebec Auto Insurance Civil Liability Coverage

Under Quebec law, all car owners must buy at least $50,000 in civil liability coverage. This insurance will pay for the cost of repairs to property damage that a driver may cause to another person’s property. Civil liability coverage extends to property damage caused and bodily injury claims in other parts of Canada and the United States.

Damage insurance to protect a driver’s own vehicle is also available in Quebec. Collision or upset insurance pays for the cost of repairs when the damage is caused by an impact with another vehicle, as well as accidents not involving another vehicle. If the policyholder is the victim of a hit and run, the collision coverage will pay out as well.

Comprehensive insurance pays out when a vehicle is damaged or destroyed by fire or an act of vandalism. It also covers the owner when the vehicle is stolen. The cost of repairing damaged or broken windows is covered under a comprehensive policy.

Customers can also choose to insure a vehicle against certain specified perils. This means the vehicle is insured against fire and theft only. A vehicle owner who is not currently driving his or her vehicle may choose this type of coverage for the time the car is going to stay parked. The owner may want to put collision and/or comprehensive coverage on the vehicle later if the car will be driven again.