Proof of Auto Insurance in Texas

In Texas, an individual is required to have auto insurance in place. A driver’s license will not be issued unless the person can show proof of insurance. Even first-time applicants for a license must provide this information.

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Proof of insurance must be provided if a person is getting his or her license renewed. This information must also be given in a situation where a person has moved back to Texas after living out of the state.

Other times when a driver is required to provide proof of insurance include being asked to do so during a traffic stop or when an accident occurs. When the police come to the scene, they will ask all drivers involved for their insurance information, whether they happened to be at fault or not.

Since driving without car insurance in Texas is a criminal offense, it’s a good idea to keep proof of insurance in the vehicle. That way, it can be produced easily on request from a police officer or when an accident occurs.

Failing to provide adequate proof of insurance when asked to do so will likely mean receiving a ticket for anywhere between $175-$350 for a first offense. Getting caught without insurance a second time means a higher penalty. The fine could be as high as $1,000, and the driver’s car could be impounded for up to six months. Along with these penalties, the driver could have his or her license suspended.

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