Progressive Auto Insurance in FL

Progressive are offering road users the chance to save up to 30% in 30 days on their auto insurance FL. The snapshot program will give all motorists in Florida the opportunity to lower their current auto insurance rate by gathering information about driving habits. Snapshot is a pay-as-you-drive version of auto insurance coverage that utilizes a tracking device installed into participating vehicles.

Data is gathered relating to the amount of mileage a driver covers and specific information that pertains to road use is also relayed back to the underwriters at Progressive. After a 30 day period, the informational feedback is analyzed and drivers who meet specific criteria can receive a 30% discount on their auto insurance rates.

Snapshot might not be the ideal solution for all drivers who are looking to save money on their auto insurance FL. The tracking device is seen by many as an invasion of privacy and some consumers believe the personal information they give at the time of a standard auto insurance policy purchase is being disregarded. However, the tracking device used on the snapshot program isn’t in use continually and road users should be aware of this before balking at the program completely.

Drivers should also remember that the snapshot tracking device is only installed over the 30 day qualifying period until driving habits have been analyzed and auto insurance rates have been established. After that, participants revert to being conventional customers and receive future on line car insurance quotes by application.

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