Play the Field and get Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

Any experience road user will already know that auto insurance rates can vary greatly from company to company. There are many different reasons why premiums can fluctuate and motorists should always keep a close eye on the auto insurance marketplace to ensure they’re getting the best possible deal. By broadening your horizons and playing the field a little, it’s actually quite easy to find cheap auto insurance quotes and save yourself a considerable sum of money on your next policy purchase.

Cast a Wide Net

With so many different auto insurance companies to choose from, it’s highly unlikely that your current deal is going to be the cheapest. Use price comparison websites to obtain multiple auto insurance quotes from as many different companies as possible and review them carefully to see who’s offering the best auto insurance rates.

Ignore Loyalty Discounts

Never assume that you’ll get the best auto insurance rates by staying with the same company. Loyalty discounts won’t necessarily equate to a cheap auto insurance policy and more money could be saved by actually changing provider.

Explore Introductory Discounts

If you’ve reviewed a series of auto insurance quotes and believe you’ve found a preferable deal, contact the carrier directly to find out if all available discounts have been applied to the policy. Even if an auto insurance carrier is offering the cheapest price, further reductions can be found if you actually ask for them. If you’ve passed an advanced driving course, have a perfect driving record or have good student grades, tell your carrier to save even more on your auto insurance rates.

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