Personal Information and Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Applying for online auto insurance quotes is a relatively simple process but at times, it pays to give careful consideration to the website you actually use. Some price comparison resources only have a limited number of companies available so quotes can be limited. A reputable website will have an extensive list of ‘A’ rated carriers offering free auto insurance quotes on their behalf.

In recent times, there has been growing concern over the way personal information is used on price comparison websites. Many consumers have found their details slipping into the hands of third party companies and in turn, this often results in an unwelcome barrage of junk mail or telephone calls from pushy sales representatives who don’t seem to understand how to take ‘no’ for an answer.

This is rarely a problem when a reputable price comparison website is used. However, many resources offering online auto insurance quotes ask for extensive amounts of personal information which is then sold on in the form of mailing lists and many third party companies are happy to spend large amounts of money on them to obtain qualified leads.

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we never ask for sensitive personal information and every single one of our approved carriers will offer premiums that are based on nothing more than your local ZIP code. What’s more, we only offer free auto insurance quotes so there’s never any hidden fees or charges applied to a premium and we never place any obligation on you to actually make a purchase.

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