Pennsylvania Teenage Auto Insurance: Important Facts To Know Before Buying

The thought of insuring a Pennsylvania teenager can be daunting, as teen auto insurance rates tend to be rather high. Statistically speaking, teens get in more accidents, hence the higher rate. Since Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, your son or daughter will be covered by your insurance policy should an accident occur — regardless of who is to blame. However, you will still want to find the best rates. Here are a few tips.

Have Your Teen Take A Training Course.

The completion of a driver safety course through school entitles Pennsylvania teenagers to a 10 percent discount. These classes used to be mandatory, but now it takes a little bit of effort to find a class and get your child to sign up. Ask your insurance provider if they offer a special driver course for teenagers, which may save you up to 15 percent.

Get Your Teen A Car.

Some Pennsylvania parents try to save money on auto insurance by adding an inexperienced operator to their policies. Unfortunately, most insurance providers will penalize all the cars on the policy if there is a primary operator who is inexperienced.

Ask About Longevity or Loyalty Discounts.

If you and your spouse have been long-time customers of your insurer, then you may be entitled to a discount of up to 15 percent. This can offset the additional expense of having a young driver on your policy.

Your best bet for saving money is to shop around to check the cost of Pennsylvania teenage auto insurance online.

Pennsylvania Teenage Auto Insurance: Important Facts To Know Before Buying 1

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