Parents in UK Breaking Car Insurance Laws

Although accurate figures are yet to be confirmed, it is estimated that more than a million parents living in the UK are lying about car insurance details in order to save money on behalf of their children. A recent survey has revealed that 41% of parents adding their children to a policy are providing false information when making car insurance applications.

Car insurance rates in the UK are determined by the main driver named on a policy and many parents are claiming to be responsible for the majority of vehicle use when, in fact, it is their offspring who predominantly use a family car for social and domestic use. The practice, commonly known as ‘fronting’, can lead to huge savings on car insurance rates but can ultimately lead to prosecution.

The worrying trend looks set to continue in the short term. 61% of parents surveyed, in spite of knowing the risks, said they would consider fronting as an option because they felt the high car insurance rates applied to young drivers were ridiculously unfair. In response, the insurance industry claims that premiums are accurate and represent the risk presented by teenage motorists.

By taking part in fronting, parents run the gauntlet of being fined and facing a criminal record but many of those surveyed believed that the savings ultimately made the risk worthwhile. With vehicle usage being almost impossible to track, it seems as if more and more parents will be prepared to fall foul of the law while current car insurance rates prevail.

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