PA Auto Insurance Coverage for Mature Drivers

Mature drivers who have a number of years of experience behind the wheel can qualify for lower rates on their PA auto insurance coverage by completing an approved defensive driving course. Under state laws, insurance companies must offer at least a five percent discount on policies where all named drivers are 55 years of age or older and who have completed one of these programs.

Older drivers can also qualify for discounts if they have a good driving record. Staying accident-free for a number of years will help drivers of any age to qualify for better rates from an auto insurance provider. Getting a price break can be a simple matter of asking for a discount if one is not offered automatically when the policy comes up for renewal. Some insurance providers also offer loyalty discounts to their customers who have been policyholders for a number of years and this is worth asking about as well.

A driver who is either retired or semi-retired may also be able to qualify for a discount if he or she has low annual mileage. People who spend less time behind the wheel present a lower risk for car insurance purposes than those who can be classified as road warriors. A driver should let the insurance company know if the amount of driving he or she is doing has changed so that it can be factored in when setting rates for coverage.

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