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Oklahoma Fights Back Against Drivers without Auto Insurance

A recent bill passed in Texas has seen residents of the Lone Star State facing impoundment fees if they are caught driving without adequate auto insurance coverage in place. However, a hundred dollars or so seems like a slap on the wrist compared to the tightening of laws that are currently being proposed in Oklahoma.

Senator Patrick Anderson has been vocal in his damnation of Oklahoma motorists who continually flout the laws and feels that the current penalties simply result in convicted drivers paying off paltry fines, only to reoffend as soon as any infractions have been paid. Under the newly-proposed act, a law enforcement officer will be empowered to make a decision relating to impoundment of any vehicle that isn’t sufficiently covered by a valid auto insurance policy. If the offending motorist is unable to provide proof of auto insurance within a specified time frame, the vehicle becomes state property and will be sold at auction.

Senator Anderson also believes the new measures will serve to single out illegal visitors to the US who rarely purchase auto insurance coverage for fear of being located through their records. However, many legal residents of Latin origin feel that this could unfairly target them. The proposed move has also been questioned by equal rights groups for the same reasons.

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