Obtaining Proof of Auto Insurance

Technological advances and the way that the auto insurance marketplace operates have made policy applications easier than ever. In previous years, consumers where presented with the choice of spending dreary hours trudging around the offices of companies obtaining painstakingly slow individual auto insurance quotes or calling individual carriers from local business directories. Even then, auto insurance quotes often took a long time to compile because the underwriters needed to look at each application on an individual basis.

The internet has led to a massive number of price comparison websites trading in an online capacity and many A-rated auto insurance companies now use them as a primary means of operation. In many instances, underwriting is automatically assessed through the website and a price for auto insurance coverage will be provided immediately. Consumers can then compare their online auto insurance quotes and choose a suitable package based on effective protection and competitive pricing.

Once an auto insurance policy has been obtained, motorists are provided with proof of coverage in terms of a certificate and a small plastic card that is designed to be kept inside vehicles at all times. The card is specifically issued so that it can be presented if a law enforcement officer requests proof of auto insurance coverage. These cards are a mandatory requirement in a large number of US states.

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