Obtaining an Anonymous Auto Insurance Quote

Anybody with extensive experience of internet usage will understand how easily information can be transferred around. This is all well and good when there’s an urgent e-mail to send off, but what happens when you’re innocently surfing or shopping on your computer and you suddenly decide to investigate a product or service further?

Inevitably, one of the first things you can expect is one of those annoying online forms.  Before you know it, you’ve sent over your name, home address, telephone number and a large amount of other sensitive information. No problem as sorts. After all, you’re interested in actually buying something and just want to get straight to the ‘purchase’ button. Fairly soon, your purchase is made and you sit patiently by the door waiting for the mailman to deliver.

However, while you’re dutifully waiting for the mailman to arrive, a strange thing happens. Your phone starts ringing off the hook, your inbox fills with e-mail from companies you’ve never heard of and, long after the mailman has delivered your new item, he still insists on dropping handfuls of junk mail through the door every day. Within a month, you’ll find yourself pulling your hair out and screaming for it to stop. How did all that happen?

Unfortunately, many companies sell on your personal information on mailing lists for profit so be wary of who you hand out your details to. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we only ever ask you for a local ZIP code so your personal details are never in the public domain. We specialize in providing fantastically cheap auto insurance quotes and nothing else. That’s a promise!

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