NY Auto Insurance Liability Rule and Your Plates

The NY auto insurance liability rule pertaining to plates is very simple. Drivers who do not have this necessary protection in place must turn in their plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A driver who knows that his or her coverage will be ending shortly should remove the plates to the car and deliver them to the DMV before the policy ends.

In a situation where a driver has been notified by the DMV that his or her coverage has lapsed, it should not be ignored. The agency will issue a this type of letter when the insurance company has notified the DMV that the driver’s policy has been canceled or will not be renewed for some reason.

In this instance, contact the insurance company or broker immediately to request that proof of coverage be filed electronically with the DMV. It’s a good idea to keep the car off the road until confirmation of the filing has been received.

Getting caught driving without liability insurance coverage in place in New York means that the driver’s registration may be suspended until the DMV receives proof of coverage. The driver may be charged a fee to have his or her registration reinstated.

In addition to the registration issue, a driver who does not have liability insurance coverage in place can be arrested and have his or her vehicle impounded. The license plates must be surrendered to the DMV. The suspension will last the same number of days as the driver was on the road without having liability protection in place.

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