Northwest Territories Auto Insurance and Accident Forgiveness

Northwest Territories auto insurance buyers who have been involved in an at-fault accident normally see their rates for coverage go up after the event. Some insurance companies offer a program called “accident forgiveness” to their customers who have maintained a clean driving record for a number of years. The exact length of time varies, depending on the company involved.

When you are looking for a NWT car insurance provider, be sure to ask about the programs that it offers to customers. HavingĀ  your car insurance rate adjusted after an accident can mean a significant price hike, so checking out companies offering this type of program is worthwhile.

You will still want to gather quotes from several providers before making your final decision. Accident forgiveness from a Northwest Territories auto insurance company is something that would be helpful if you were involved in an accident, but if you are paying more for your coverage to get this benefit, you may want to think about whether you want to pay more now to have the benefit of accident forgiveness later on.

Before you make a final decision about your auto insurance coverage, make a point of gathering quotes for the same type and level of coverage. Make note of any extra policy provisions, such as accident forgiveness, that the companies offer. Only then will you know whether the price you have been quoted is a good deal or not.