North Carolina Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

North Carolina lawmakers have passes legislation requiring drivers in that state to have at least a minimum level of bodily injury liability coverage in place. The minimum level of coverage required to pay for injuries incurred by a single person is $30,000 and $60,000 for all people injured in an accident, no matter how many victims are involved.

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The bodily injury liability coverage pays for medical bills and rehab costs for the people traveling in the other vehicle. It also covers lost wages due to hospital stays or time away from work for medical appointments or rehabilitation services. Funeral expenses are covered if the accident resulted in one or more fatalities.

A motor vehicle accident can also result in damage to property, including the other driver’s car. In North Carolina, drivers are required to have at least $25,000 in property damage liability coverage in place. This portion of the policy will look after the car repairs, as well as pay for the costs of repairing or replacing sign posts, mailboxes, light stands, fences, sheds and other building structures.

Car insurance customers must have at least the minimum level of coverage in place, but they can also choose to buy a policy with a higher limit if they wish. Buying more protection is a good idea for those people with more assets that need protection. By comparing rates from different companies, customers can find the best pricing.

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