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North Carolina Auto Insurance for Teens

Getting auto insurance in North Carolina for teen drivers is something that parents should consider carefully. Even though the state has passed graduated licensing laws so that teens can develop experience behind the wheel before before being able to have restrictions removed, car accidents are still a leading cause of death for young people. Insurance companies are very much aware of this, and also that beginner drivers are less likely to obey laws banning cell phone use and texting while behind the wheel.

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These facts add up to young people presenting a higher level of risk than more mature drivers do. As a result, they cost more to insure than someone who has a number of years of driving experience (especially someone with a clean driving record).

While a new driver can’t magically make him or herself older to get better rates, there are some things that can help to keep insurance costs down. Adding a teen driver to a parent’s car insurance policy is a good choice. Trying to buy insurance where the teen is the primary driver would be much more expensive.

The parent can ask his or her insurance company about pricing to add a teen driver to the policy. The parent also has the option of getting quotes from a number of insurance companies to get the best possible pricing for this change in circumstances.

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