New York Car Insurance Injury Thresholds

Under New York law, unless personal injuries sustained in a car accident meet a certain threshold, the injured person must seek compensation from his or her own insurance company. The no-fault system was adopted to streamline the process so that injured people can have their claims settled quickly.

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In the case of a serious injury, New York car insurance law gives people the right to sue for damages. Rather than use a specific monetary threshold, this state has chosen to use the description of the injury to determine whether it meets the threshold.

A person who has been hurt, resulting in scarring or disfigurement may be able to sue. Broken bones also meet the threshold. In a case where the injured person will be disabled for a set time, such as more than 60 days, they may be able to sue to recover damages from the at-fault driver in the accident.

You should consider the personal injury thresholds when getting a car insurance quote. If you were responsible for an accident causing serious injuries to the occupants of the other vehicle, the minimum level of protection mandated by law may not be enough to satisfy the claim.

Your insurance policy will pay out up to the policy limit, and you would be responsible for any additional expenses personally. It’s a good idea to buy as much protection as you can afford to carry, so do ask for a New York car insurance quote for coverage at different levels to see how much you can afford.

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