New York Auto Insurance Coverage and Motor Vehicle Accidents

In New York, drivers who are involved in a motor vehicle accident must exchange insurance information if there were no injuries and the damage is confined to property only. For this reason, proof of coverage should be carried in the vehicle at all times. If the collision involves striking a parked car or other vehicle or if a car strikes an animal, the owner must be located and notified of the incident. A driver involved in the accident can also contact the police to report the incident.

Property Damage Over $1,000

In a situation where the property damage caused in an accident is over $1,000, all drivers involved in the incident are required to fill out an accident report, known as an MV-104 (Report of Motor Vehicle Accident). The document must be filed within 10 days or the Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend the driver’s license.

Motor Vehicle Accident Causing Injuries or Fatalities

If the accident caused resulted in injuries or fatalities, all drivers involved in the incident are required to stay on the scene and the police must be called. It is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an accident resulting in personal injuries or one or more deaths.

The accident is noted on the driving record of all drivers involved. The Department of Motor Vehicles only collects the information; it is not responsible for determining which driver was at fault.

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