New Jersey Car Insurance for Teens

Teen drivers and their parents may consider buying car insurance as a necessary evil. They understand that all drivers in New Jersey must have insurance in place, but they only look at finding the lowest possible rates when adding a new driver to their policy.

When the time comes to add a teen to a parent’s insurance policy or the young driver is buying his or her first policy, don’t limit the level of protection to the minimum level of coverage required by law. Teen drivers, especially males, are at a higher level of risk fore being involved in an accident, and if they are determined to be at fault in the accident, they (through their insurance company) are responsible for paying for the damages caused.

The cost of medical bills and expenses for injuries sustained in a car accident is only going to increase over time, so it makes good sense for New Jersey teen drivers and their parents to consider increasing the policy limit on their liability insurance coverage. When an accident occurs, the at fault driver’s insurance policy will pay out up to the policy limit and any damages owing above that amount are the responsibility of the policyholder personally.

When the time comes to add a teen driver to your New Jersey car insurance policy, do review your car insurance coverage carefully. Get quotes from several car insurance providers to make sure you are getting the best possible pricing.