New Jersey Car Insurance – Beating the Highest Rates

Although it should be noted that car insurance quotes provided in New Jersey in the first quarter of 2010 fell slightly when compared to a similar period last year, rates in the Garden State continue to be amongst the most expensive throughout the entire country. The rising number of uninsured motorists operating vehicles in New Jersey is one of the underlying factors of increased auto insurance quotes but motorists can follow a simple checklist to help avoid the highest rates.

  • Always compare car insurance quotes effectively. This can be done through the use of a price comparison websites or by collecting multiple auto insurance quotes from standalone web pages
  • Always check to make sure you are receiving the discounts you are entitled to. If you have a perfect driving history and your insurer isn’t rewarding your efforts, don’t be shy in asking for further reductions. If your insurers won’t budge, take your business elsewhere
  • Young drivers should maintain good grades and complete advanced driving courses to profess a responsible attitude. This will lead to discounts on most car insurance quotes
  • Think safety and security. Additional anti-theft devices and safety features will be rewarded with lower premiums. Remember that secure overnight parking is also looked upon favorably
  • Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing an expensive sports or performance vehicle if you can’t afford the insurance afterwards. Always opt for an affordable vehicle with moderate insurance costs. Vehicles of an older age and with a lower engine capacity are usually ideal when it comes to cheaper auto insurance quotes

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