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New Hampshire Car Insurance Discounts

New Hampshire car insurance companies offer their customers discounts in a number of circumstances. You can get better rates for your coverage in the following circumstances:

Multi-policy Discount

If you buy your car insurance coverage from the same company that sold you your home or business insurance coverage, you may be entitled to a discount on both policies.

Good Driver

Having a clean driving record means better rates for coverage. A person who hasn’t been involved in an accident or accumulated traffic tickets is considered a much lower risk for car insurance purposes.

Low Annual Mileage

People who limit the amount of time they are behind the wheel can also get discounts on their New Hampshire car insurance coverage.

Multi-Car Discount

Insuring more than one vehicle with the same company is another way to get better pricing on a car insurance policy.

Good Student

Teens and young adults who are in school and who keep their grades above a set level can also qualify for better car insurance rates. Check with the individual insurance company to find out whether this discount is offered, and what Grade Point Average must be maintained to get the discount.

Anti-theft Devices

If you drive a car that is equipped with an anti-theft device, be sure to let your insurance company know. You may be entitled to a lower price because of this feature.

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