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New Hampshire Car Insurance and Accident Claims

New Hampshire car insurance customers who make a claim against their insurance policy for damage sustained in an accident can rest assured that the matter will be dealt with promptly. Under state Insurance Department rules, the company must contact the customer within 10 days after the claim is filed.

If the claim includes an amount for repairs to the vehicle, the customer is only required to submit one quote for the damage. The insurance company is responsible for the cost of acquiring any other estimates for the repair costs.

A New Hampshire car insurance company is responsible for paying for the cost of storing a vehicle until it can be repaired. Once the car is at a garage for repairs, the insurance company can deduct a certain amount from the settlement if the car had rust on it or the area affected by the accident had pre-existing damage. The insurer is only responsible for bringing the car back to the state it was in at the time of the accident, not to improve on it.

In an situation where the repair to the car includes parts that wear out over time, the insurance company can deduct a certain amount to reflect the fact that at the time of the accident the part had some wear and tear on it. The policyholder should keep copies of receipts for repairs to show the insurance company to support a claim for the full replacement cost of parts used in the repair.

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