New Hampshire Auto Insurance Rates and Members of Your Household

You may think that when you apply for New Hampshire auto insurance coverage that you will be rated on an individual basis, but this is not the case. Car insurance providers will consider your driving record, to be sure, but they also consider the driving records of other people in your household.

Driving records for other people in your family are also considered when New Hampshire auto insurance companies are setting rates for their customers. If you share your digs with someone who has a driving history that includes accidents or moving violations, that individual’s record will affect your rates as well.

If you have teenagers in your household who are old enough to drive, you can expect that your coverage costs will increase. Even if they only drive your vehicle occasionally, the insurance company factors in the fact that a higher risk driver may be behind the wheel when setting rates.

To get the best possible rates for a teen driver, consider adding him or her to your existing policy as opposed to taking out a new policy in the teen’s name. A number of car insurance companies offer discounts on their rates for students with good grades. If your teen is able to maintain a “B” average or better in his or her studies, these good habits can translate into better pricing for New Hampshire auto insurance.