New Brunswick Car Insurance Discounts

New Brunswick car insurance companies offer a number of discounts to their customers. By asking whether any available discounts apply to you, it’s possible to save on the cost of your coverage.

If you have a clean driving record, many insurance companies will reward that fact with preferred pricing on car insurance coverage. In a case where you have multiple drivers in your household, all of them must have clean records to qualify for this discount.

Some companies will offer accident forgiveness for a first accident if you have had a policy in force with them continuously for a few years. Ask if this is an option and find out if the company also offers accident-free discount on your policy pricing after a certain number of years.

You may also qualify for a discount on your New Brunswick car insurance coverage if you complete an approved driver’s education course. Check with the insurance company to find out which ones are recognized before you enroll and to find out what the discount would be. The insurance company may require you to choose a course with a minimum number of hours spent behind the wheel and in the classroom before you are considered for a discount.

Young drivers who are good students can also qualify for a discount on the cost of their New Brunswick car insurance coverage. If you are able to maintain a B average (or better), submit proof to the insurance company.