New Brunswick Car Insurance and Facility Association

The Facility Association is an insurer of last resort. Drivers who are not able to arrange coverage elsewhere can get it with the assistance of the Association. The Facility Association is not an insurance company and does not issue policies directly.

Insurance companies in New Brunswick, as other provinces and territories, are members of the Facility Association. Through this membership, they are able to share the risk associated with providing coverage to the small percentage of drivers who are unable to buy a policy from an individual company.

People who get their car insurance through the Facility Association will pay higher premiums than those who who are not at high risk. Being a risky driver isn’t a permanent situation. An car insurance company will consider your driving record for the past six years in the case of an accident. A conviction for a traffic offense stays on the record for three years.

To arrange coverage as a high-risk driver, contact an insurance agent or broker to ask for a quote. You can and should still shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal for your situation. The Facility Association’s involvement with your application is done behind the scenes, and you will still be dealing with a particular insurance company once your policy is issued.

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