Nevada Car Insurance Verification Program

Nevada has introduced an Insurance Verification Program to deal with the issue of dealing with the problem of uninsured drivers on the roads. Insurance companies in that state are required to send the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) a list of all the new policies they have issued, as well as a list of all the terminations of insurance they have dealt with on a monthly basis.

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Car insurance customers who keep their coverage up to date won’t have to worry about being contacted by the DMV regarding their insurance. Those people who are flagged as having their insurance cancelled are contacted by the agency, which sends the driver a verification request. The driver is given 20 days to respond by providing the following information:

  • Driver name
  • Insurance company name
  • Policy number
  • Vehicle Identification Number

If the required information is provided during this time frame, the DMV simply updates its records and no further action is taken against the driver. On the other hand, if the information is not received before the deadline, the driver receives a certified letter notifying him or her that their driving privileges have been suspended.

There is an appeal procedure in place where a person who feels that his or her registration was suspended in error can contact the Office of Administrative Proceedings for assistance.

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