Moving to Saskatchewan? How to Get Car Insurance

If you are moving to Saskatchewan, car insurance is one of many things you will need to deal with as part of the process. Before you pick up stakes and get settled in your new home, you will need to get a letter of experience from your current insurer setting out how long you have been covered and whether you have any claims on your record. Contacting your provincial licensing bureau to get a copy of your driving record will also help you get Saskatchewan auto insurance coverage sooner.

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Your current car insurance policy should cover you for up to 30 days after the move, which will give you a chance to get settled. Before you can get car insurance, you will need to get a Saskatchewan-issued driver’s license. Once the license has been issued, you will need to register your vehicle and get Saskatchewan-issued plates for it.

Saskatchewan residents are required to buy their mandatory car insurance coverage from the provincial agency. Arranging coverage is a simple matter of contacting the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) agency to get covered.

Residents of this province have choices about their optional car insurance, though. It may be tempting to buy this coverage from your current company if it offers products in Saskatchewan, but this may not be the most economical way to go. Comparing rates from several companies is a way to find the best rates on this type of coverage.

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