Moving to Canada: How to Get Auto Insurance

If you are planning to move to Canada, how to get auto insurance for your new home is one of the many items which will be on your “To Do” list. You will need to have valid coverage in place or you won’t be able to drive legally in the country. Since most auto insurance providers in the country won’t issue a policy unless the insured has a Canadian driver’s license, your first step in getting coverage should be to get the right documentation in place.

Auto Insurance Rates for New Arrivals in Canada

Even if you have a number of years of driving experience in another country, a Canadian auto insurance company will probably consider you as a new driver when determining how much to charge in premium rates. If you are relocating from the United States to Canada, you may be able to be rated as a more experienced driver, which will help to keep your coverage costs down. A new auto insurance company may consider your prior record if you can produce a letter of experience from your previous insurer, though.

Letter of Experience

A letter of experience is written by your current auto insurance company. It provides information about how long you have been licensed and whether you have made any claims against your policy while it was in force.

You would need to request the letter of experience before you move. To be accepted by a Canadian auto insurance company, it must be the original document and printed on company letterhead.

Government Run Auto Insurance

If you happen to be moving to Manitoba, Saskatchewan or British Columbia, you will be buying your auto insurance from a government agency. Consumers in those provinces must be insured under the government-run plan for their liability coverage, but can buy their physical damage (collision and comprehensive) protection from a private insurance company.

Shop Around for Best Rates

When you are ready to look for Canadian auto insurance coverage, make a point of shopping around before making your decision. Each company selling policies determines how much to charge its customers independently. Make a point of getting pricing from a few providers to find the one which can offer you the best price on the type and level of protection you need.

It’s a good idea to start shopping for coverage early. You may be able to arrange for coverage online or over the phone, but some insurance providers will want you to fill out forms and forward them to the provider for processing before you can be insured. As a brand new customer, you may also need to provide a deposit before your insurance policy will be issued.

The process of arranging for auto insurance coverage in Canada is one of many things you will need to look after if you are planning to relocate to this country. The first step is to get an updated driver’s license and then you can start shopping for coverage.

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