Motor Insurance Laws

When purchasing motor insurance in the UK, it is worthwhile considering the implications of having insufficient coverage if you are stopped by the police or involved in a road traffic accident. By keeping on the right side of the law, motorists will be able to avoid penalty points on their license, fines and the risk of imprisonment.

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First and foremost, a vehicle must be roadworthy before it is insured and it also has to carry a current MOT certificate. Without the valid paperwork, a motor insurance policy will be declared void if the vehicle is involved in any subsequent accident. The vehicle must also carry a valid road fund license or tax disc for an insurance policy to be operational.

The minimum level of motor insurance must also be purchased. In the United Kingdom, the minimum level of coverage is third party insurance and this type of policy covers other drivers and their vehicles if you are at fault in an accident with them. Owners of newer vehicles may wish to consider comprehensive insurance as this will also factor in repairs to the vehicle of the policyholder if they are at fault in an accident.

An insurance policy will also be invalid if the policyholder does not have a current full or provisional UK driving license.  If the driver operating a vehicle only holds a provisional license, they must be accompanied by an experienced driver before taking a vehicle out onto the road. Motorists are also expected to inform their insurance company of any driving-related convictions they may have when taking out a policy. Failure to do so may see the policy declared void at a later date if conflicting information regarding the driver actually arises.

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