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Montana Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Montana car insurance buyers must have third party liability coverage in place to drive legally in the state. This type of coverage pays for damage that a driver causes in an at-fault accident. Montana is a tort state, and injured people have the right to sue to collect damages.

Bodily injury liability coverage pays for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages incurred by accident victims. Property damage liability coverage looks after the cost of repairing the other driver’s vehicle and any public property damaged in the accident. Public property includes mail boxes, sign posts, light stands, guard rails, fences, etc.

The minimum level of Montana car insurance coverage required is $25,000 to pay for the injuries of a single accident victim and $50,000 to cover the injuries of all people injured in the same accident. Residents of this state must buy at least $10,000 in property damage liability coverage.

A car insurance customer can always choose to buy a policy with a higher limit of he or she chooses. The minimum level of coverage may not be enough to fully pay for damages in an accident. With the ever-rising cost of medical care, a $25,000 policy can be used up very quickly.

Buying a policy with a higher limit will cost a bit more, but it also provides consumers with a higher level of protection. Shopping around and comparing pricing from different companies can help a person looking for car insurance in Montana find the right level of protection at an affordable price.

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