Montana Car Insurance for Students

If you are a student looking for Montana car insurance coverage, there are ways to save money on your premium rates. One way to keep costs down is to get added to a parent’s existing car insurance policy instead of buying separate coverage for yourself. When you are the primary driver on a policy as well as a new driver, you will pay a lot more for insurance than if you were added as an occasional driver to another policy.

A student who owns a car and is still living at home is still better off being added to a parent’s car insurance policy. The parent can take advantage of a multi-vehicle discount to keep coverage costs down.

When looking for Montana car insurance for students, be sure to ask about discounts offered to people who are able to maintain a “B” average (or higher). Many car insurance providers consider that good students are also good drivers and they offer price breaks to young people who are doing well in school.

If a student is attending school at a college or university away from home and won’t be driving for a portion of the year, be sure to let the insurance company know. The premium will be adjusted to reflect the fact that the student only has access to the vehicle during school breaks and during the summer months.