Money-Saving Auto Insurance Tips for the Young Australian Driver

Research carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that young drivers are at least twice as likely to be involved in a potentially fatal road traffic accident than an equivalent motorist over the age of 25. The majority of these high-risk road users are males and this can make any auto insurance quotes they apply for incredibly expensive. However, there are a number of money-saving tips that young drivers should consider before purchasing an auto insurance policy.

  • Drive safely and establish a solid driving history. This will result in cheaper auto insurance premiums every time you renew
  • Compare prices from different carriers when you are shopping for auto insurance quotes. This will help you to find the best possible deal amongst an assortment of fluctuating offers
  • Consider a policy purchase from a carrier that specializes in providing coverage for young drivers. Often, these auto insurance companies can offer reductions of up to 20%
  • Save buying an expensive, high-performance model until you are older. A cheap, economical alternative with a low engine capacity is guaranteed to attract preferential auto insurance rates
  • Take the time to enroll in, and complete, a safe driving course. This will improve your driving skills and present you as a less significant risk whenever you are applying for auto insurance quotes
  • A change in your personal circumstances should be reported to your carrier at the earliest possible opportunity. Marriage and becoming a parent will help to reduce your auto insurance rates because auto insurance companies know that you are more likely to drive responsibly with a spouse or infant in the car

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