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Missouri Auto Insurance for Students

Good students can save money on the cost of their Missouri auto insurance coverage. Depending on the company, this can work out to an additional 10-15 percent off the cost of the third party liability, collision and comprehensive coverage on the policy. Third party liability insurance pays for the damages incurred by the occupants of the other vehicle. It pays for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages, as well as property damage. In this case, property damage includes the cost of the cost of repairing the other driver’s vehicle and any public property damaged in the accident (mailboxes, sign posts, fences, light stands, etc.).

Collision coverage pays for the cost of repairing the driver’s own vehicle for damages caused by striking an object or a rollover in an accident. Comprehensive coverage pays out when the damage to a vehicle is caused by another type of loss, including fire, theft, hail, flooding and acts of vandalism.

How much can a good student save on the cost of Missouri auto insurance coverage? The discount offered to people who maintain a B average or better can range from 10-15 percent. Car insurance companies know that young people who do well in school are responsible, and this trait also carried forward into their driving habits.

If you are a student or have one in your household, make a point of asking your auto insurance company about discounts for good students. You should also make sure that any quotes you are getting for coverage include this discount in the calculations.

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