Missouri 2nd Party Auto Insurance Liability Protection

Missouri 2nd party auto insurance liability protection is available to owners of vehicles where passengers pay to be driven from one place to another. Owners of taxis, buses and other vehicles offering this type of service should consider adding second party liability protection to their insurance coverage.

Third party liability coverage protects the policyholder from claims made by the occupants of the other vehicle in an accident. Second party liability insurance is a bit different, since the second party is the policyholder’s insurance company.

In this tort state, people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident have the right to sue for compensation for their medical bills and related expenses. A passenger in a vehicle being driven by another person can sue the operator and the owner for compensation if he or she can demonstrate that either one was negligent in operating or maintaining the vehicle.

Once a lawsuit to recover damages has been launched, the insurance company will attempt to negotiate a settlement on the policyholder’s behalf. It will also cover legal expenses incurred in defending the action.

A business owner who has one or more vehicles which transport paying passengers can get quotes for Missouri 2nd party auto insurance protection by contacting his or her current provider. The insurance company may have suggested adding this type of coverage to an existing policy. Paying the premiums for this type of protection is a good investment for protection against claims made by paying passengers.



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