Mississippi RV Insurance Coverage

Buying Mississippi RV insurance coverage is a bit more complicated than buying a policy for a car. Since they are vehicles that are on the road, they must be insured in the same way that a car is. An RV owner must buy third party liability coverage, as well as collision and comprehensive insurance to drive legally in the state.

Along with this type of standard car insurance coverage, an RV owner must also consider that during the times the unit is being used, it is also the owner’s home. Standard car insurance policies don’t cover loss to personal property being transported in the vehicle when an accident occurs. A person who wants to make a claim for compensation for these items would have to do so under a homeowner’s policy.

In the case of a Mississippi RV, an owner will need to get quotes for coverage that includes the contents as well as physical damage. A standard car insurance policy pays out based on the vehicle’s cash value, but this will not be enough protection for an RV. Instead, the owner should look for a policy that will cover the RV for its full replacement value if it is damaged or destroyed due to fire or another type of loss. This coverage will also be invaluable if the RV is stolen.