Mississippi Car Insurance Minimum Coverage

The minimum car insurance coverage required in Mississippi is made up of two types of coverage. Drivers must have bodily injury and property damage liability coverage in place to stay legal in the state.

Bodily injury liability insurance pays for injuries sustained by the occupants of the other vehicle when a car accident occurs. This part of the policy covers medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages incurred as the result of the event.

The minimum level of bodily injury coverage required in MS is $25,000 for the injuries suffered by a single individual injured in an accident and $50,000 to pay for the medical bills and economic loss sustained by all victims of the same accident. A driver always has the option of buying a policy with a higher limit if he or she wishes to do so.

Property damage liability coverage is also required, and this part of the policy pays for the cost of repairs to the other driver’s vehicle and any public property damaged in the accident.

It’s a good idea to buy as much coverage as you can afford in case you are ever the at-fault driver in a serious accident. If you don’t have enough insurance coverage in place to fully pay for damages caused in an accident, you will be required to make up the difference personally. A much better choice is to buy a policy with a higher limit, even if you pay a bit more for this protection in premiums.