Military Car Insurance Discounts

Individuals who are currently serving their country or those who have been involved with service in the past can qualify for a range of discounts on their car insurance. Carriers actively encourage current and former military personnel to use their services and take advantage of competitively priced premiums. As well as rewarding dedication to their country, insurance companies also view military personnel as responsible and highly-trained individuals who will be less likely to make a claim.

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Many carriers who provide coverage for active military employees not only offer insurance during periods of leave, but will also provide a policy that incorporates overseas driving for army, navy and air force personnel while they are in active service. This provides a number of advantages as most active military personnel will need occasional use of hire vehicles while stationed abroad. Additionally, damage or theft sustained to a vehicle in the absence of the owner will also be covered.

Many price comparison and dedicated insurance company websites have designated pages strictly for military car insurance. When visiting the site, a number of questions will be asked relating to the rank of the applicant, the type of active service they are involved in and any commendations that have been received. Veterans will also enjoy a substantial range of discounts, especially if they have been decorated during service. Military personnel will often find that they can purchase insurance directly through the army, navy or air force. In recent years, the military services have become involved in group insurance plans so that active personnel can enjoy the best discounts possible.

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