Michigan Car Insurance Law and Motorcycle Accidents

Under Michigan state law, accidents involving motorcycles are treated differently than ones involving other types of motor vehicles. Unlike a car owner, a person who owns a bike is not required to have liability insurance in place to pay for claims for medical bills, lost wages and expenses related to the accident.

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If the motorcycle driver has liability coverage in place and is involved in a collision with a car, truck or a commercial vehicle, he or she will be able to submit a claim for injuries under the other driver’s no-fault insurance plan. The motorcycle driver is entitled to these benefits, whether he or she was responsible for the accident or not.

When the accident involved only the motorcycle alone, the driver will probably not be able to make a claim for damages unless he or she bought coverage specifically for this purpose. Even if the motorcycle driver owns a car and has bought no-fault coverage for it, the protection it offers doesn’t extend to times when the individual is operating the motorcycle. To get adequate protection, the rider should get quotes for no-fault insurance coverage for the motorcycle.

Contacting a few insurance companies to get quotes and compare rates is a good strategy. The motorcycle owner may decide to switch companies to get the best rates for his or her coverage.

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