Michigan Auto Insurance and Seniors

Car insurance companies in Michigan offer lower rates for seniors. A person who is over the age of 50 can qualify for a discount on the cost of his or her coverage. Since they are mature drivers, they are considered less likely to be involved in an accident or to make a claim against their car insurance coverage.

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Insurance companies consider the level of risk that an applicants presents when determining how much to charge them for their coverage. A young driver who lacks experience behind the wheel is going to be charged a higher rate than a person who has been driving for several years.

Even a mature driver will be charged a higher rate if he or she has a poor driving record.  Having one or more accidents means that rates will go up. Traffic tickets are also considered by insurance companies when setting rates, so it really does pay to maintain a clean driving record, no matter how old you are.

People with good driving records should shop around for coverage to make sure they aren’t paying more than they have to for their coverage. Even if the person has been with the same insurance company for some time, it doesn’t hurt to consider what other providers can offer. If the current provider doesn’t offer a discount for seniors, it may be a sign that it’s time to change providers.

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