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Massachusetts Car Insurance and Points

Drivers in Massachusetts don’t have to contend with a points system that affects their driver’s license in the same way that residents of other states do. Instead, moving violations are tracked by the state Registry of Motor Vehicles and are added to an individual’s driving record.

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These items are referred to as “surchargeable events,” and each one added to a person’s record brings the license holder closer to a possible suspension. Getting caught speeding within a 12-month period means that a driver will have his or her driver’s license suspended for 30 days. This is an automatic penalty. (The 12-month period starts to run when the driver is found responsible for pays the first of the three citations.)

A driver who accumulates enough surchargeable events on his or her record will be paying for for car insurance. Insurance companies are free to develop their own systems to determine how many points trigger a surcharge. The surcharges were put in place so that drivers with poor records pay a larger portion of the true cost of insurance.

This system rewards drivers with clean driving records by allowing them to qualify for lower car insurance premiums. A driver with a history of accidents or moving violations who doesn’t have any further traffic violations or accidents for three years will see his or her insurance rates go down, too.

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