Manitoba Car Insurance When Your Car is Stolen

The first thing you should do when you discover your car has been stolen is to report it to the police and your insurance provider. Manitoba car insurance customers who choose the basic coverage option will be paid a benefit of up to $34 per day, up to a maximum benefit of $1,020.

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There is a 72-hour waiting period that must pass before you will start receiving benefits. The clock starts to run as soon as you report the loss to either the police or the Manitoba Public Insurance company. You will receive the daily benefit until:

  • the vehicle is recovered
  • the insurance company offers a settlement
  • the coverage limit has been reached

You are not required to rent a vehicle during this time if you don’t wish to do so. If you feel that you can go about your daily routine by taking public transit or taxis, you can choose to do so.

If you choose to rent a vehicle while you are waiting to find out if the vehicle will be recovered or a settlement offer, you may want to consider renting one that is a member of the Manitoba Car and Truck Rental Association (MCTRA). Manitoba Public Insurance has negotiated a fee structure with MCTRA member companies and the rental company may submit the bill directly to Manitoba Public Insurance on your behalf.

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