Mandatory Saskatchewan Car Insurance Coverage

Residents of Saskatchewan are required to buy a minimum level of car insurance coverage. Unlike people living in many other areas. they don’t have a choice in where to get it. Since 1945, mandatory coverage for drivers has been provided by the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), and consumers must buy their coverage from that company.

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The minimum level of coverage required in that province is $200,000 in third-party liability coverage. Residents of Saskatchewan can choose to buy no-fault insurance and give up the right to sue to collect damages unless the accident is a very serious one, or go with a tort system where they retain the right to sue but get a lower level of insurance protection.

An advantage of choosing no-fault insurance is that an injured person is dealing with his or her own insurance company when making a claim. They can receive benefits without having to wait to find out which driver is responsible for the accident. When going to court to collect damages is off the table, injured people can receive the money they are entitled to more quickly.

The Saskatchewan no-fault insurance plan includes funeral expense benefits and a death benefit if the accident is a fatal one. If a person becomes disabled as a result of the accident, a disability benefit is paid. The individual receives 90 percent of his or her net wages based on a maximum of up to $71,186 per year and there is a seven-day waiting period that must be served.

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