Making your Insurance Quote Easier

The difficulties that some UK residents face in taking out motor insurance can easily be alleviated by knowing what to expect when obtaining a quotation. Most major insurers will be looking for similar information from prospective customers so preparing yourself in advance of a policy application can save a great deal of lost time and inconvenience.

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Major insurers will require personal details regarding the driver so it is important to make sure that all information supplied is up-to-date and accurate. In addition, the insurer will need to know specific information regarding the vehicle being insured, especially if any modifications or performance-enhancing work have been carried out.

Perhaps one of the most significant factors in obtaining an easier motor insurance quote is providing accurate information regarding driving history. New drivers will need to provide information of when they passed their test while those with points on their license or other driving-related convictions will need to declare this at the time an application is being made. Failure to do so could lead to a motor insurance policy being declared void.

Motorists with an extended driving history who may have accumulated several years of no-claims bonus discounts will be required to provide evidence of this in the form of a written document from their previous insurance company. The insurer will also need to be informed if the applicant has been refused motor insurance from any other carrier in the past.

Finally, all applicants should be able to provide factual information regarding nature of use with regards to the vehicle as well informing the insurance company of where the vehicle is kept overnight.

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