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Maine Car Insurance Discounts

Maine car insurance companies offer several discount to their customers. It’s possible that you may qualify for more than one, and by combining them you can save money on the cost of your coverage. Here are some examples:

Good Driver: People with clean records qualify for better rates than those with accidents or traffic tickets in their past.

Renewal: Car insurance companies may reward repeat customers with a renewal discount.

Anti-theft Devices: Driving a car that is equipped with an alarm system or other safety device means lower risk of theft or vandalism, which translates into lower prices.

Safety Devices: A car insurance customer who drives a vehicle with automatic seat belts or anti-lock brakes will pay less for car insurance.

Good Student: Teens and young adults who maintain a B average (or better) in their studies get lower rates because car insurance companies translate the diligence and hard work to maintain these grades into being a careful driver. As a result, good students get better rates for their car insurance coverage.

Driver Education Course: Anyone who wants to learn to drive can benefit from a driver’s education course. People who already have their license may want to consider a defensive driving course.

Low Annual Mileage: Less time spent behind the wheel translates into lower risk of loss, and better pricing on car insurance.

Ask the Maine car insurance company you are considering for a list of discounts to see which ones you may qualify for.

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