Low Insurance Rates for Elderly Drivers

When motorists reach the 70 year of age, they will usually see a significant rise in the cost of auto insurance policies. Even when older drivers have a record of accident-free driving, their responses inevitably become slower and the chances of being involved in an incident become more likely.  Thankfully, many companies are actually very sympathetic to this situation and it is still entirely possible to find competitively priced policies.

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A safe driving history remains as the biggest asset an elderly motorist can have. If a rise in policy prices seems a little unfair, drivers should obtain a copy of their driving record from the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Any instances of unsafe driving, convictions or claims that shouldn’t be on a record can be removed quite easily.

As people get older, they usually need to use their vehicles less regularly. Most elderly drivers no longer need a car to commute to work and because of this, their annual mileage requirements fall dramatically. By changing the estimated figured of annual mileage, policy prices can be cropped to a more affordable level.

Some states operate driving courses for elderly drivers where certificates are issued for successful completion. If these certificates are presented to an insurer, there is a great chance that premiums will be reduced. AARP membership also offers a number of advantages and as well as offering discounted insurance premiums, further allowances can be made for accident forgiveness, deductible costs and insurance plan flexibility. As with any auto insurance policy, price comparison can also be a vital element in securing low-cost coverage.

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