Lifestyle Changes Affect Car Insurance Costs

You may not immediately think that you should contact your car insurance company or your agent when something major happens in your life, but you may want to make a point of letting them know about what’s going on with you. When the lifestyle change is one that makes you appear more responsible, you may be entitled to a discount on your car insurance costs.

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If you have recently married, let your car insurance company know. Saying, “I do” indicates a certain level of maturity, and the company may consider that your level of risk to insure has decreased because you now have a spouse. If both of you own cars you may be able to get a discount by insuring both vehicles with the same company. It’s certainly worthwhile to contact both insurance companies to ask about the possibility of a multiple vehicle discount and get a car insurance quote.

Buying a house is a major lifestyle change, and taking on this level of responsibility can also translate into a better deal on your car insurance. Keep in mind, too, that insurance companies will generally offer multiple policy discounts to customers who insure their home and car with the same carrier. If the company representative doesn’t mention a discount for adding a policy, don’t hesitate to ask if the insurer is prepared to offer you one.

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