Know Your UK Car Insurance Rights – Uninsured Drivers (Part Two)

How Much Compensation?

The amount of compensation you receive will largely depend on the outcome of the investigation and any associated court decisions. If you are found to be partly or fully responsible for the accident, it is highly unlikely that you will receive any compensation at all.

Since the 7th November 2008, no excess payments are deducted from any compensation that you receive. If the accident caused personal injury and you are seeking compensation for lost earnings, you will have to repay any Government benefits received while you were incapacitated.

Hit and Run Accident

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident or a collision where the other driver cannot be identified, you can make a claim under a separate Motor Insurers Bureau scheme known as the Untraced Drivers Agreement. The Motor Insurers Bureau will integrate their investigations with police reports, which this means a case can sometimes take years to be processed and completed. In some cases, drivers are only able to recover legal costs incurred during the claims process. Generally speaking, the Untraced Driver Agreement scheme will not cover the cost of damage to your vehicle unless the other vehicle involved in the collision has been identified. If it hasn’t, you may still be entitled for compensation relating to any long-term injuries you sustained as long as the investigation provides an outcome in your favour.

How Much is a Motor Insurers Bureau Opt-In?

Current Motor Insurers Bureau fees paid by car insurance companies equate to between £15 and £30 per policyholder each year. These costs are integrated into car insurance premiums. In recent years, costs have increased above the rate of inflation and this has been blamed on higher payouts and the legal fees paid out to the victims of uninsured drivers.

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