Know Your UK Car Insurance Rights – Uninsured Drivers (Part One)

The Uninsured Drivers Agreement

The Uninsured Drivers Agreement refers to an arrangement that has been made between the UK Government and the Motor Insurers Bureau. The Motor Insurers Bureau acts as a company that represents the UK car insurance marketplace and is funded solely by it’s members.  All UK car insurance companies that are licensed to sell compulsory motor insurance are obliged to become members of the Motor Insurers Bureau. Under the current arrangement, the Uninsured Drivers Agreement will pay for costs incurred by a road-legal driver involved in a road traffic accident where an uninsured driver is found to be at fault.

Making a Claim

A form must be submitted through the Motor Insurers Bureau website and victims are urged to supply as much information as possible. The Motor Insurers Bureau advises drivers to run a check with the DVLA to ensure that the other driver is uninsured. A formal complaint to the police must be made, and the accident must be reported and logged with your own car insurance company. Wherever possible, victims should send two estimates to the Motor Insurers Bureau, stating the proposed cost of vehicle repairs. Only one estimate is required if the car is a write-off. Estimates can be sent off at a later date but immediate contact with the Motor Insurers Bureau is essential if you do not want to delay your claim.

What Happens Next?

The Motor Insurers Bureau considers the case and this can take a few months to process for incidents of minor damage, but up to a year for complex cases. As part of investigations, the Motor Insurers Bureau will contact the uninsured driver to seek a resolution. If the uninsured driver refuses to co-operate, matters can become complicated.

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