Kentucky Auto Insurance Premium Rates After an Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, your Kentucky auto insurance premiums will likely increase when your policy is up for renewal. You may be looking at higher rates even if the accident wasn’t your fault if you have accumulated moving violations on your record prior to the incident.

When car insurance companies determine how much to charge their customers, they do so based on the level of risk that individual presents. If you have been ticketed or had a minor accident in the past two or three years prior to the recent accident, the insurer may consider you an “accident prone” driver. The increased level of risk that you present means that you will be charged more for your coverage.

In a situation where you have had a minor accident or accumulated tickets and some time has passed since these incidents, you may see your rates start to come down. The time it will take for your rates to change will depend on the insurance company. You may start getting a price break in two or three years, or it may take as long as five before your prior record no longer affects your rates.

If you are getting quotes for Kentucky auto insurance coverage, ask about the company’s policy regarding accident forgiveness. It’s worth considering when you are trying to determine which company will give you the best deal on your coverage.