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Kansas Car Insurance: Basic Coverage

Kansas is a no-fault state for car insurance purposes. When an accident occurs, injured people seek compensation from their own insurance companies. This system is meant to speed up the process so that injured people can have their claims resolved more quickly than if they had to go to court to get compensation.

No-fault is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to car insurance. No matter which car insurance company is paying for the damages, someone is deemed responsible for causing the accident.

The basic accident protection plan offered by a Kansas car insurance company provides the following benefits:

$4,500 for medical expenses

Compensation for one month’s worth of lost wages

$25 per day for home care, if these services are deemed necessary

$2,000 for funeral expenses

$4,500 for rehabilitation services

The plan also provides some death benefits to help compensate a family for lost wages.

Simply because Kansas has adopted a no-fault model for car insurance, it doesn’t mean that car accident victims can never sue for damages. If the injuries are severe enough, the injured person can sue the driver who was responsible for causing the accident for the cost of medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages.

All drivers in Kansas must have liability insurance in place in case they are the at-fault driver in an accident and they are sured for damages.

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